1.3. Statistic

1.3.1. Frequently asked questions
1.3.2. The most important at a glance
1.3.3. More Statistics Perform basic settings Filter options Orders | Order items | Files -- Analyze orders Orders | Order items | Files -- Overview Orders | Order items | Files -- Example type "Orders" Settings exemplified with the help of type "Orders" Result in chart form (Example type "Orders") Result in table form (Example type "Orders") Order details (Example Type "Orders") Order items (Example type "Orders") Orders | Order items | Files -- Sample charts Check billings Search requests -- Analysis CIP -- Analyze catalog downloads RFQ -- Analyze requests for quotation Infographic Users -- Analyze portal users within a specified interval
1.3.4. Working with templates
1.3.5. Export statistic
1.3.6. Data evaluation with PARTstatistic PARTstatistic - Overview on export and import of PSS files PARTstatistic - Details Installation Export database Starting Classification of the user interface Catalog selection Statistic selection Define Period Set Filter Save template Export data Create statistic Analyze statistic PARTstatistic: Create statistic via batch file

With PARTcommunity Statistic we provide a tool to enable you to analyze your portal orders and furthermore to check your billings. Info graphics show the most important graphics on parts generation, modalities of search requests, CIP downloads and requests for quotations.