9.2. How can I download selected CAD model and import it into the CAD system?

  1. Under Formats -> Add formats, determine at least 1 format in the category Download. Your selection is shown under Your selection.

    Example: Selection of STL (3D)

    Example: Selection of STL (3D)

  2. Make sure that the desired part is specified in theTable view (and in the Variable view in addition if there are value range fields).

  3. Click on CAD or Generate CAD.

    Once the generation finished, the desired formats are packed as zip file and provided for download.

  4. Under Files -> Prepared files, click on Download or the icon besides.

    ➝ Options to open or save the zip file are offered.

    Exemplary display of options in Internet Explorer

    Exemplary display of options in Internet Explorer

  5. Temporarily save the attached zip file anywhere.

  6. Unpack the files with WINZIP or a similar program.

  7. Import the file (files) into your CAD system.