1.1. User management

1.1.1. Frequently asked questions
1.1.2. User interface at a glance User management Portal lock management
1.1.3. Find users "Selection" section "Users" section "Actions" section
1.1.4. Actions Create edit, delete users Create new user Delete user Edit users Enable and disable users Activate and deactivate users Send activation mails Import and export users Reset and send passwords Create, combine, edit and delete tickets Create parts ticket Create time ticket Combine tickets Edit ticket of an individual user Delete tickets Create and delete roles Assign new role Assign new role to multiple users Assign new roles for an individual user Delete roles ACEs (Access control entities) Set and remove portal locks Set portal lock user spanning Set portal lock for an individual user Display all users with portal locks

In the user management you can perform actions such as creating, activating, enabling or disabling of users to name but a few. Furthermore on this page you can assign roles to users, which define their authorizations and via ticketing you can control download authorizations.